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Better mobile messaging.

One SMS API provides enterprises with a single mobile messaging API, analytics and message management, regardless of backend messaging provider.

  • Easily enable messaging
  • Analytics and monitoring
  • Extend API support
  • Avoid vendor lock-in
  • Channels

One-time integration with One SMS API enables support for many messaging providers.

Integration between your application and One SMS API means that your application is able to support a large number of messaging provider APIs. Bridge between the single API used by your application and the different APIs of messaging providers.

Measure messaging provider performance and get notified of events.

See reports on submit and delivery performance. Get alerted about message delivery or problems with your messaging provider.

Extend your application's existing messaging API support.

Support multiple messaging provider APIs through your application's existing API support and without code changes to your application.

Switch between messaging providers more easily.

Switch messaging providers without code changes or needing to update your application's API support. Simply update your One SMS API account to bridge to your account with the new messaging provider.

Not only SMS.

Integration with One SMS API potentially enables the use of MMS, RCS, WhatsApp and other channels (subject to provider support).

Better mobile messaging

One-time integration with One SMS API provides a capable and rich messaging API for SMS, MMS, RCS, WhatsApp and other channels, dependable service, analytics, and flexibility to switch between messaging providers with ease. Integrate with your messaging providers a better way.


One SMS API sits between your application and your messaging providers. Instead of your application connecting directly to your messaging providers, your application connects with One SMS API and you tell One SMS API to connect with your messaging providers.

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Launching 2022. Service is currently in beta.

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